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A FAVORITE: Guest Author April Erwin

Things are about to get HOT in here! 

Widowed Fire Investigator, Aidan McLeod is determined never to fall in love again. Serving his family and community is enough.
School counselor and graphologist, Morgan Daryl inherited her Grandmother’s farm. Ready for a fresh start, she leaves a tragic past behind to move to Justice, Missouri.
An explosive fire at Morgan’s school triggers a series of escalating fires throughout town. At each fire, the arsonist leaves a note. Can Morgan’s graphology training help?
As Aidan works to catch the arsonist, he struggles against a growing attraction to Morgan. Can Aidan learn to trust Morgan with the investigation and his heart?
Aidan will have to decide soon because Justice is burning, and it’s up to Aidan to stop it before someone ends up dead.   
Reader Comments:
“I loved this book. The story held me enthralled and the detail was amazing. I swear I could feel the heat of the fire, see the flames, smell the smoke. Vivid, descriptive writing and the build up to the romance was great.” - Avid Reader, Amazon reviewer

“Make no mistake about it, "Justice Burning," is unlike most other romances you'll find on the market today. While this story is a bonafide genre romance (with the kind of ending that delights romance fans), it reads like the most captivating action/mystery/adventures.” - Vince, Amazon Reviewer

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A Firefighter? Yes, please!

Today, I am welcoming guest Author April Erwin to the page!! I am excited to share information on her writing life and her books, which I have fallen in love with.

I have read three of April's novels and have her fourth on my "to-read list"! Her ability to weave sarcastic humor, faith, and beautiful characters into every story always has me hooked and giggling. Asking her questions about her writing process and what her new book will be about is one of the highlights of my life!

Here are a few questions and answers Author April Erwin shared with me, and now I am sharing with you. Stay tuned until the end because April is sharing a FREE ebook!! Details below. Enjoy! 

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. How long you’ve been an author? How many books do you have out? What genre(s) do you write? Are you a traditional or self-published author?

Hi, Becky! I’m April Erwin of Independence, MO. I’ve lived here all my life and love calling it home. I’ve been a writer since grade school, but I’ve only been a published author for about 12 years.

I have 3 novels and 2 short stories published. My first novel, Missing Pieces, was self-published. Later I contracted with a publishing house for Dysfunction Junction, Justice Burning, The Power of Love and A Volunteer Christmas. I have always had a hard time defining my personal writing genre simply because I don’t stay in just one.

I read a variety of genres, and I suppose that is reflected in my story telling. The two things that do stay consistent are the Christian Inspirational message and the humor. They’re an integral part of my life and flow into anything I write.

So whether I’m writing Chick Lit or Romantic Suspense, my tag line has become Christian Fiction where Comedy and Drama abound.

2. How did you start writing Justice Burning?

Wow, I started this book so long ago, I don't even remember what originally sparked the idea. We had a house fire when I was about 5 and the experience stayed with me. It left me with a healthy fear of fire and a huge admiration for those willing to fight it. 

I once told my sister I didn't think I could marry a firefighter because I couldn't handle knowing what they faced each shift. Whether that was the story prompt or not, it did become a central question/fear I drew on when writing the book.

Justice Burning went through many rewrites and now that I'm on the other side, I find my perspective has changed a bit and my fears are less intense.

3. Which character do you relate most to in Justice Burning and why?

This took more consideration than I anticipated. I try to connect in some way to all my cast, even the "bad" guy. I was sure I would choose Morgan or Aidan, I mean they are the stars, right? But after some thought, I realized I identify with Aidan's brother, Keegan, the most. I'm also the youngest sibling and have a close relationship with my family. Like the McLeods, our family will stick together through anything.

Keegan uses his humor to help others cope (me too!), but at his center is a man who put his own life on hold in order to keep his brother's life in balance. He's not afraid to own up to his fears. He's committed, and I connect with that passion. I may not always attain the goal, but the desire to live that way always remains.

the power of love.jpg
The Power of Love gives you a closer look at the loveable Keegan McLeod! A MUST read after you finish Justice Burning!!
Keegan McLeod is finally ready to pop the question to longtime girlfriend Emily Jansen, but they have to survive the day first! Love conquers chemical spills, heart attacks and mass hysteria in this latest Heroes in Justice story.

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4. If I were to ask that character (the one you relate to the most) what their favorite book is, what would their answer be?

I think Keegan would also be a Dee Henderson fan, but a favorite book? I think he would choose Donita K Paul's DragonKeeper series. Fun, adventurous fantasy with an important message. He's like me, suspense is great, but sometimes you need to escape reality for a bit. Plus, Donita's series is completely addictive. 😁

5. What is your writing process like - what works best for you when sitting down to tackle a new story?

I wish I could say “here are the steps I do each time to write a book”, but unfortunately it has never been the same process. Each book or short story has been unique in the way they developed and in how I pushed through the writing.

In general, I usually get an idea or a scene in my mind from the story and then have to decide how the book fits around that idea or scene. Characters play a big part in building the story, so creating my cast also becomes a way of creating the story.

By the time I have settled on just the right name, a model that suits the character image and designed their profile, I’ve learned a lot about this new person. Knowing them helps fit the pieces together.

After creating a cast and doing any necessary research and interviews, I sit down and create a loose outline. I emphasize loose because I’m always guaranteed to have at least one character take over during a scene and do something totally unexpected that changes the direction I thought the story was going.

My outlines have to stay flexible. LOL. My actual writing time is horribly unpredictable. I admit, I’m a procrastinator and I’m also busy, so I don’t keep a set writing schedule, and when I do have a deadline I usually kill myself meeting it in time.

As unorganized as all of this sounds, I’m actually a pretty organized person. I think that shows in how much I enjoy tackling the rewrites. It’s hard to ‘organize’ a story that hasn’t been created yet.

6. Who is your author inspiration?

This is always such a hard question for me! I have so many authors that inspired me in different ways. Jessie Ward, author of The Call at Evening inspired me to write Missing Pieces when I was still a senior in high school. I wanted to tell a story that captured my faith and testimony in a compelling way like she did.

Harold Bell Wright is also an inspiration. His novel Shephard of the Hills is a classic and I love the emotion and humor he wove into it. The story captured my heart and left me thinking for long after. I want to touch readers that way too.

A more current author that has been a huge inspiration is Dee Henderson. Her novels are so well researched and intensely captivating, all while sharing her faith. I wanted Justice Burning to be Dee Henderson quality.

I don’t know if she would feel it is, but I had a reader compare my work to hers when recommending Justice Burning, and it was the biggest compliment I’ve ever had.

7. What would you like readers to know about you and your work?

I write to express myself. Sometimes it comes out as a story, other times as poetry or song. I even spent about nine months as a feature writer for a local newspaper. It was a fun learning experience, but it also cemented me firmly in the fiction camp. It’s where my heart truly lies.

I’ve written three children’s picture books. One has had the illustrations finished and I’m looking into publishing options. I’ve also co-written many songs with my sister Angel. You can hear some of them on our family website:

Erwin Music

5. Are you working on a new story now? What details can you reveal about it at this time?

I have 2 novels in the early first draft stages. One is the sequel to Justice Burning, titled Justice Hunted. It picks up a few years after the first book and features Ash McLeod in the leading role.

The second is a stand-alone suspense novel tentatively titled Open Eyes. I don’t want to give away too much, but I will say it involves a stalker and a very unique twist.  

Want More?

If you enjoyed our interview today and have some questions for April that didn't get answered, please feel free to ask in the comments section!! As always, I appreciate your support in being a kind audience.

Also, if you want to learn more about Author April Erwin and how to find her books, please check out these links:

About the Author:

         April Erwin wrote her first book in Kindergarten and although the happily ever after story of a rabbit family wasn’t a success, her recent stories have been. A full on nerd, April will study whatever strikes her interest in the moment and her internet browsing history can prove it. She holds an Associate in Graphological Science (the study of handwriting analysis), tutors dyslexic and reading challenged individuals, enjoys photography, and is a singer/songwriter recording original music with her sister, Angel.

         Raised in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, she’s a lifelong resident of Independence, Missouri. When not working on her latest project, you can find April devouring a great book, watching movies with her family, or spending way too much time on Facebook. The author of Romantic Comedy Dysfunction Junction and Inspirational Romance Missing Pieces, her most recent releases include the Romantic Suspense series, Heroes in Justice, featuring International Best-Seller Justice Burning, A Volunteer Christmas and The Power of Love.

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Author April Erwin is giving a FREE ebook away!!! 

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The winner will be randomly chosen and announced on October 24th, 2016!! 

THANKS for joining us today, and as always, HAPPY READING!!

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